Sunday 2 July 2017

I havn"t updated this  blog in such a long time. In fact...I think I even forgot it existed!!!
A year ago I packed away all my scrapbooking things and had only my paints and mixed media for art I don't even do that!!! shock horror!  me..not doing any of those things!!!!!!

I was bored with it all!!!

This time last year we went to Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand. Such a stunning place...for my 50th.

In one of those nz wool shops I spied a beautiful blue beanie with white spots...devine!
I also spied a wool flower broach and the price was $50. pppffft..!! I could make that I thought to myself!!!!  hahahahahaha!!!

SSSOOOO.....this is where my journey into wool felting began. July 2016.

Wool Felting has been a great experience....magically turning fluffy wool into wool to speak!  I feel like a real creator!. from this to that tadah!!!

Join me in following my felt creations as I experiment with new item and techniques.

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