Saturday, 9 November 2013


This layout is one I saw in an Australian Magazine about 5yrs ago and thought id have a go at recreating it. I have 2 copies of the same photo and cut out the subject of one photo.
Using many circle sizes ( glasses, cups, saucers, bowls etc) you lightly draw a pencil line around each until you have 5 different circles.
smallest inner circle after the centre piece is paint - using the stick end of a paint brush dipped into paint and dabbed on to paper and lifted off creates a great circle dot.
Second circle is created the same way using a larger paint brush stick end.
Third circle is created using punched flowers.
Fourth is a handwritten script saying, repeated.
Fifth circle is the paint dots again and brads and even spaces.

One just cant help but want to create this fantastic circle layout!!!!!!! Enjoy as I did and a big thanks to the lady who invented this layout whoever you are - its great!

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