Friday, 4 April 2014

red canvas

Ahh...canvas obsession!
1. scrunched up tissue paper and pva'd it to canvas. dried and painted red.
2.texture paste stencil and paris napkin glued on.
3.inked and dripped  ink and painted red over dried paste.
4.added layered papers on left with dictionary paper screwed up and inked.
5. added bit and pieces to top. Red flowers are metallic red vinyl from spotlight, I just made them up and inked backs , chipbds are from twiddleybits aust.
6.outer edges of canvas are covered in dictionary paper and inked with ??brushed corduroy T/H.
7.Intend to do another red canvas as the neighbour wants one, so then she can choose the one she likes the best.
7. canvas is approx. 50cm long and 25 wide with a inch an 1/2 edge.

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