Friday, 4 April 2014

Steampunk canvas

Yet another canvas!!!!!!!!!!! Thought id try the steampunk theme of colours. This was a left over from the girls b/day class and was purple! I just love the tissues paper from Typo, cant get it anymore here in whangarei!!!!! what am I going to do!!! Anyway, the hot air balloon was actually spose to be a birdcage!! but of course I turned it sideways...and a light bulb went off!!
 what I did...
1.inkd in browns of Tim holtz inks.
2.covered chipbds with pva and heat gunned till it bubbles.
3. again inked, although I did colour them before the pva went on!!!!!!!!!!!
4. top winged area...wings..kaisercraft, cogs..dusty attic.
5. corrugated copper tin for basket
6. linked together with pins from clothes tags and chain???don't where I got that.
7.Faiths tin pieces
7a. Brendas feathers from her road kill pheasants!!
8. all the rest you can see and figure it out with what you have in your stash.

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